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NLP Trainers

 Name  Level  City, State  Phone  Email
 Albu, Madalina Certified NLP Trainer Timis, Timisoara  [email protected]
 Blidar, Corina Certified NLP Trainer Bucharest, Bucharest  [email protected]
 Butuca, Dorel Certified NLP Trainer Bucharest,   [email protected]
 Chirila, Simona Certified NLP Trainer Timisoara, Timis  [email protected]
 Cozma, Cristian Certified NLP Trainer Bucuresti, Bucuresti  [email protected]
 Cozma, Elena Certified NLP Trainer Bucuresti, Bucuresti  [email protected]
 Moise, Cristina Certified Master Trainer of NLP Buzau,   [email protected]
 Paduraru, Camelia Certified Master Trainer of NLP Bucharest,   
 Veverita, Gina Certified Master Trainer of NLP Timisoara,   [email protected]

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