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NLP Trainers

 Name  Level  City, State  Phone  Email
 Alvarez, Joseph Certified NLP Trainer Regina, Saskatchewan  [email protected]
 Berting, Rodney J. Certified NLP Trainer Calgary, ALB  [email protected]
 Caravan, Giti Certified NLP Trainer Saskatoon, SK  [email protected]
 Chaput, Jennilynn Certified NLP Trainer Courtice, ON  [email protected]
 Corral, Rommel Certified NLP Trainer Richmond Hill, Ontario  [email protected]
 Deally, Melissa Certified NLP Trainer Whistler, BC  [email protected]
 Evans, Lynette Certified NLP Trainer Toronto, ONT  [email protected]
 Febel, Jennifer Certified NLP Trainer Bradford, Ontario  [email protected]
 Gould, Lloyd J. Certified NLP Trainer Eskasoni, NS  [email protected]
 GREGORY, ALOYSIUS Certified NLP Trainer Toronto, ONT  [email protected]
 Hannah, Gregg Certified NLP Trainer Toronto, ONT  [email protected]
 Harvey, Laura Certified NLP Trainer Surrey, BC  [email protected]
 Harvey, Robert A. Certified NLP Trainer Surrey, BC  [email protected]
 Jaouhar, Hamid Certified NLP Trainer Brampton, Ontario  [email protected]
 Kawa, Barbara Certified NLP Trainer Brampton, ON  [email protected]
 Longstreet, Suzanne Certified NLP Trainer Grand Valley, ON  [email protected]
 Maxim, Andrea Certified NLP Trainer Hamilton, ONT  [email protected]
 Montis, Ryan Certified NLP Trainer Gatineau, QC  [email protected]
 Redman, Kim-Marie Certified Master Trainer of NLP Aurora, Ontario  [email protected]
 Romolo, Melissa A. Certified NLP Trainer Mississauga, ONT  [email protected]
 Sharifi, Alireza Certified NLP Trainer Toronto, Ontario  [email protected]
 Solanki, Bhavini Certified NLP Trainer Vaughan, ONT  [email protected]
 Solanki, Tejal Certified NLP Trainer Vaughn, ONT  [email protected].
 Tomczak-Redman, Jill Certified NLP Trainer Newmarket, ON  [email protected]
 Waddell, Nathalie Certified NLP Trainer Upper Coverdale, NB  [email protected]

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