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Hypnosis Trainers

 Name  Level  City, State  Phone  Email
 Agness, Lindsey Certified Trainer Sandwich, Kent  [email protected]
 Bochenek, Barbara Certified Trainer Chester, Cheshire  [email protected]
 Bradshaw, Julie Certified Trainer Loughborough,   [email protected]
 Burns, Gary Certified Trainer Manchester,   [email protected]
 Burr, Robin Certified Trainer HARLOW, Essex  [email protected]
 Chapman, Michelle Certified Trainer Wethersfield, Essex  [email protected]
 Cole, Tracey J. Certified Trainer Leek, Staffordshire  [email protected]
 Dawson, Christine Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer Oldham, Greater Manchester  [email protected]
 Douglas, Loretta Certified Trainer Uppermill,   [email protected]
 Dubash, Nishi Certified Trainer London,   [email protected]
 Dyson, Susan Certified Trainer Lees, Gt Manchester Oldham  [email protected]
 Edwards, Sandra Certified Trainer St Helens, Merseyside  [email protected]
 Evans, Laura Certified Trainer Cardiff,   [email protected]
 Falconer, Ken Certified Trainer County Antrim, Northern Ireland  [email protected]
 Fraser, Caroline Certified Trainer Nottingham, Nottinghamshire  [email protected]
 Fraser, Ronia Certified Trainer St. Leonards-On-Sea, East Sussex  [email protected]
 Gerrard, Diane Certified Trainer Poole, Dorset  [email protected]
 Gill, Avril Certified Trainer Dunfermline,   [email protected]
 Glaiser, Craig Certified Trainer Swinton,   [email protected]
 Gowda, Jo Certified Trainer Nottingham, Nottinghamshire  [email protected]
 Grey, Edward Certified Trainer Isle of Wight,   [email protected]
 Hahlo, Rod Certified Trainer Bolton, Lancs  [email protected]
 Hegarty, Claire Certified Trainer Chester, Cheshire  [email protected]
 Helliwell, Lynne Certified Trainer Manchester, Failsworth  [email protected]
 Hemus, Fenella Certified Trainer Bristol,   [email protected]
 John, Gillian Certified Trainer Solihull, W Midlands  [email protected]
 Kay, Steve Certified Trainer Castle Donington, Derbyshire  [email protected]
 Lambropoulos, Constantinos Certified Trainer Doncaster, South Yorkshire  [email protected]
 McDermott, Marc Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer liverpool, Merseyside  [email protected]
 McNally, Emma Certified Trainer Chelmsford, Essexx  [email protected]
 Mepham-Stone, Conrad Certified Trainer Buckinghamshire,   [email protected]
 Mochrie, Ewan Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer Manchester, England  [email protected]
 Payne-Stanley, Laura Certified Trainer Waterlooville, Hampshire  [email protected]
 Pengelly, Michael John Certified Trainer Bideford, Devon  [email protected]
 Pinington, Jill Certified Trainer Northwich, Cheshire  [email protected]
 Pitchford, Ian Charles Certified Trainer Buckfastleigh, Devon  [email protected]
 Prince, Tania A Certified Trainer Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire  [email protected]
 Reed-Robbins, Jessica Certified Trainer Torrington, Devon  [email protected]
 Riskowitz, Narina Certified Trainer Leyland, Lancashire  [email protected]
 Shephard, David Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer Chiswick,   
 Strawson, Caroline Certified Trainer Northampton, Northants  [email protected]
 Turner, Andrew Certified Trainer Hartlepool,   [email protected]
 Varcoe, Ralph Certified Trainer London, Wimbledon  [email protected]
 White, Colette Certified Master Hypnosis Trainer London, England  [email protected]
 Yianni, Markos Certified Trainer Stoke Ferry, Kings Lynn  [email protected]
 Ylitalo-James, Emma Certified Trainer Co Down, Northern Ireland  [email protected]

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